CIDI Baltimore Launch Event

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Wednesday September 14, 2022

Opening Remarks
Dr. Theodore L. DeWeese, Interim Dean, Medical Faculty & CEO, JHM (5mins)

Johns Hopkins and India: A Long-Standing Relationship
Dr. Amita Gupta, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases (5mins)
Growing the Infectious Disease Portfolio 
Dr. Sunil Suhas Solomon, Co-Director, CIDI (10mins)
Johns Hopkins Center for Infectious Diseases in Pune
Dr. Vidya Mave, Co-Director, CIDI (10mins)

Reflections: What Does It Take to Build a Successful Career in India?
Dr. Nikhil Gupte (5mins)
Dr. Gregory M. Lucas (5mins)
Dr. Nishi Suryavanshi (5mins)

Closing Remarks (15mins)
Dr. Ajay Chandanwale, Joint Director of Medical Education & Research, BJGMC
Raj & Kamla Gupta
Maureen Sherry
Dr. Sunil Kumar, Provost, Johns Hopkins University