Markers of Lung Impairment in HIV-TB Coinfected Indian Adults

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  1. We will compare the degree of lung impairment between HIV-TB co-infected adults (HIV-TB group) and TB cases without HIV co-infection (TB group) who successfully complete TB therapy. We hypothesize that the HIV-TB group will have a greater degree of lung impairment compared to the TB group.

  2. We will compare plasma (a) cytokine concentrations of IL-6, IL-1β and TGFβ and (b) metabolomic signatures between the HIV-TB group and TB group described in 1. We hypothesize that participants in the HIV-TB group will have an unique metabolomic signature associated with a higher plasma concentration of immune markers compared to participants in the TB group.

  3. We will measure the association of plasma IL-6, IL-1β, TGFβ and metabolite concentrations with lung impairment in TB cases with and without HIV. We hypothesize that higher plasma concentrations of immune markers and metabolites overexpressed in HIV-TB coinfection will be associated with a greater degree of lung impairment.


Instituto Gonçalo Moniz, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Bahia, Brazil