Residual Respiratory Impairment Following Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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This study is conducted by the Cohort for Tuberculosis Research by the Indo-US Medical Partnership (C-TRIUMPH) under the Regional Prospective Observational Research for Tuberculosis (RePORT) Network, an international TB consortium. 


Many TB patients have residual respiratory impairment despite treatment. Such individuals may be at increased risk of chronic lung diseases and disability in the future. Using respiratory questionnaires and lung function tests, the Lung Health Sub-study will evaluate 400 adult TB patients enrolled in the CTRIUMPH study for respiratory impairment during and up to 24 months following their treatment. Results from the study will help identify TB patients who are likely to develop chronic lung diseases in the future. Identifying such patients early during their clinical care may help doctors and public health programs strategically monitor lung health, and possibly prevent lung injury, in high-risk populations. India hosts the largest burden of TB globally and also has an increasing burden of chronic lung diseases. The Lung Health Sub-study will help advance our understanding of the intersection between these two important diseases in India and globally.​

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