Simran Bharucha, MPH

simran headshot

Simran is the Director of Transgender Health for ACCELERATE at the Johns Hopkins Center for Infectious Diseases in India. She is a member of the team in New Delhi, India, and has worked with the Johns Hopkins-India infectious diseases partnership for 20 Months 1.6 years.

Simran is responsible for the overall Transgender Health component of ACCELERATE project.

Prior to joining CIDI, Simran was associated with India HIV AIDS Alliance as a Senior Program Office for sexuality Gender and Rights projects.

Simran received her formal and higher education qualification from Mumbai University, India


Relevant Professional Memberships

2018 – Present – Member of SOGIE (Sexual Orientation Gender Identities and Expression) at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

2019 – Present – Member of International AIDS Society from Asia and the Pacific island.

2018- 2019 – Member of TGEU (Transgender Europe) for monitoring Trans murders across the globe.

2015- 2016 – Member of Program Coordinator Board UNAIDS presenting Asia and the Pacific region.

2016- 2019 – President IMPULSE New Delhi group, an Initiative of AIDS health Care – India

2014 – 2016 – Board member of IRGT (International Resource Group of Transgender)