Former Scholars

Shivani Mehta

Baltimore, Maryland
Shivani Mehta is a BS/BA candidate (2018) in public health at the Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, who is working with Drs. Rupak Shivakoti and Mallika Alexander on Maternal Inflammation, Diet and Gut Microbiome in HIV: Impact on Infant Outcomes. Ms. Mehta spent June and July 2016 at BJGMC in Pune, India, working under Dr. Alexander. Awards 2016 Global Health Established Field Placement Grant 2016 Johns Hopkins Provost Undergradulate Research Award for 2016-17 From Ms. Mehta's Field Report:...

Abhilash Suresh

Baltimore, Maryland
Abhilash Suresh is a BS candidate in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering (2018), who worked with Drs. Akshay Gupte and Shri Vijay Bala Yogendra Shivakumar on the C-TRIUMPH substudy on Residual Respiratory Impairment Following Pulmonary Tuberculosis. During May and June 2016 he conducted a field placement in Chennai, India, at the National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis where he worked under Dr. Shivakumar. Awards 2016 Global Health Established Field Placement Grant ...